Die Wicker-Gruppe umfasst 12 Rehabilitationskliniken und 2 Akut-Krankenhäuser, in Hessen, NRW und Thüringen unter privater Trägerschaft. Ebenfalls zur Wicker-Gruppe gehören die beiden Thermen, die ...
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Wicker Service Centre

We will be more than pleased to help you and give advice in organizing rehabilitation in one the of the rehabilitation clinics of the Wicker-Group.

We are happy to be of assistance in answering questions from:


We can advise you or your relatives on any questions relating to your rehabilitation, before, during or after your acute medical treatment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on various matters, whether it is co-ordinating the date of admission, your journey, accommodating your relatives or clearance of who will take over the expenses.

We will undergo all that is necessary to organize and prepare your admission to the rehabilitation clinic. Please just contact us, we are here at your service.


After tge application to the clinic has been submitted we will be pleased to support you with clearance of the financial costs, with the date of admission and with organizing the transport.

Normally, we are able to give clearance for admission for all medical indications within three days of application. It is of course our aim to relocate artificially respirated neurological patients as soon as possible. Beds for ventilated patients are available.

Carriers of  Expenses

We take over the organization and preparation (such as co-ordinating the date of admission with the discharging hospital, or organizing the transport) for those patients who have had applications made through their financiers. We will be pleased to advise you in difficult cases, such as complications in the course of the illness, or by unsure rehabilitation potential.

We are available for consultation on weekdays from 8.00am to 4:00pm (CET) under the following number:

Wicker Service Centre
: +49 5621 794-861 or 794-860
Fax: +49 5621 4633

E-Mail service@nkw-bw.de

For information about the Wicker-Group: Download Information Wicker Group (PDF)

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